Cook won the Anti-Hate Courage Award to reiterate that the Apple Platform does not tolerate hate con


Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered a speech on December 3, reiterating that hate content will not be tolerated on Apple's platform. "At Apple, we believe that technology also needs a clear vision, and there is no time to get into trouble. For those who spread hatred, division and violence, we have only one sentence: You have no place on our platform."

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Technology website The Verge reported that day, Cook's "violent conspiracy theorist" refers to Alex Jones's far-right conspiracy theory news station Infowars. Infowars was taken off the App Store by Apple earlier this year. Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation Alliance, also noted that removing Jones content from the platform was a key move in the fight against hate speech, saying that Apple had taken Inforwars off the shelf, leading other platforms to subsequently take it off, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

In his keynote speech, Cook focused on the ethics of Apple in its operations. He reiterated many times that although Apple is a technology company, he believes that Apple's mission is far more than designing hardware.

"Apple is a technolog company, but we can never forget that the devices we make are designed by human ideas and built by human hands to improve people's lives," Cook said. "I'm not worried that computers will think like humans, but that humans will think like computers. Science and technology should be about human potential, and should be optimistic. Many people use technology as a way to build a more inclusive and hopeful world, and the future belongs to them.



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