In The Wilderness Bodyguard: Redemption 2, Arthur weeps when your horse dies

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"Wilderness Bodyguard 2" can be said to be a "simulated life", its real reaction to details is too realistic, so that it affects the rhythm of the game, such as when the distance is longer, the protagonist will shout, when doing physical work will breathe. However, there are some more real details, such as the horse's eggs will expand and shrink with the temperature, and now there are players who find new details.


Netizens Syc Semper Tyrannis 08 found a crazy BE detail, and its close bond with the horse reached level 4, but the horse died in a mission unfortunately.

When Arthur Morgan took the saddle off his horse, he wept. According to the player, this detail has never appeared in many other games. It's amazing.