Reject James and Harden! The first man in the East will make an exception for Durant

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On Dec. 10, Beijing Time, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that although Bucks'star brother Alphabet refused to train with James and Harden during the off-season this year, he planned to train with Durant in the off-season next year.


This summer, Camero Anthony set up a field game in which NBA stars included James, Durant and Harden. At that time, Anthony invited Alphabet Brother to participate, but Alphabet Brother declined because he did not want to train with active NBA players during the off-season.

In fact, Durant's appreciation of the alphabet brother has a long history. He still remembers his first encounter with Alphabet Brother, and the "Greek monster" blocked Durant's shot.

Last summer, Durant told a video website that he believed the alphabet brother would one day become the MVP of the NBA. He even thought the alphabet brother might be the best player in the history of the NBA. "So far, I think he's the most spectacular player." Durant said so about the alphabet brother.

But Durant had no personal relationship with Alphabet Brother until a month ago, when they got Durant's phone number through a common friend of the company, the Alphabet Brother, they began to communicate.

It is reported that the alphabet brother plans to train with his idol Durant sometime in the off-season next year and explore basketball.