10 Invitation to reduce oil, sugar, salt, and less resistance to three high

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To fight back three high: high blood pressure, high blood sugar and hyperlipidemia, there must be three less: less oil, less sugar and less salt. Try the following ways to eat healthy and delicious.
To achieve the goal of "three less", that is, less oil, less sugar and less salt, mainly from the choice of meals, ingredients, cooking methods and seasoning.
1) Eat less processed food
Processed foods often contain a lot of oil, sugar, or salt(or all three), and it is better to eat less.
The processed foods include: fast food, snacks and smoked meat. In general, as long as the material list on the product packaging contains multiple chemical materials or words that are not understood at all, it is most likely to be processed foods.
2) Cook more
By cooking, you can control the amount of fat, sugar and salt.
No time to cook? In fact, the cooking time is not as long as imagined. Choose more simple recipes, or prepare more weight, and then freeze the excess, and you can solve several meals.
3) Use the microwave oven
The use of microwave ovens is quite extensive and can be used to achieve different cooking effects such as steaming, boiling and simmering, and the advantage is that there is no need for too much grease in the cooking process or no fat at all.
Use a microwave oven to cook, simmer, or boil food. Remember to drink the juice before you can absorb any nutrients lost to the juice during cooking.
4) Choose Fresh Seasonal Ingredients
The ingredients are fresh, and they are delicious without more seasoning or relying on frying. In addition to shopping for vegetables in supermarkets, it is advisable to pay more attention to wet Basha, and the stall owners often have many good recommendations.
Keep ingredients that can not be cooked quickly. For example, root vegetables can be peeled and frozen.
5) Small bottles are good for less oil

微信图片_20190516144542.jpgThe larger the oil bottle, the more it is easy to use. If the bottle mouth is poorly designed, it is often poured out too much accidentally. It is recommended to buy small bottles or pour cooking oil into small bottles before use.
In addition, when choosing cooking oil, do not specifically choose "organic" or "cold pressed" oil. More importantly, whether or not the health promotion agency's "Health Choice" label is attached to the packaging and the choice of cooking oil suitable for the budget is sufficient.
6) Braised, fried, steamed or boiled
Avoid frying and use cooking methods such as cooking, frying, steaming, or boiling to help reduce grease.
Choosing low temperature cooking can avoid the formation of free radicals that are harmful to the body because of high temperature deterioration or oxidation.
Of course, no matter which cooking technique, do not add too much oil. According to WebMD, a health service site, a 10-inch pan is only enough for a tablespoon of cooking oil to fry three to four portions of fish or meat.
7) "Add" cooking oil
To enrich the delicious food, it is not necessary to fry or fry at high temperatures, nor is it necessary to add large amounts of salt or sugar. Make use of homemade "add" cooking oil, you can add flavor to the dishes.
Add herbs, spices or garlic to the cooking oil as you like, soak it overnight and use it again. It can also be used for salad flavoring.
8) Drink less sweet drinks and make your own fruit water
Some people think that plain water is tasteless, and it is customary to use sweet drinks to quench thirst.
In fact, even if it is a "sugar reduction" version, it still contains a lot of sugar. Instead, it is better to drink homemade fruit water: citrus and strawberry slices, and cucumber can be added for at least one hour.
9) Use herbs and spices wisely
To season your food, you don't have to use sugar, salt or monosodium glutamate.
Fresh herbs and spices, citrus fruits, mustard and vinegar can all give a unique flavor to the dish, which can be seasoned with or with salt alone, helping to reduce sodium intake.
10) Less dip sauce
The sauce often contains a lot of oil, sugar and salt, less sauce, not only good for health, but also can taste the original flavor of the ingredients.
For meals outside, you can ask for additional sauces at the time of ordering, which will help reduce intake.