For the rest of the 50 years, the matter of relocation has been changed

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In the more than 50 years, the matter of relocation has been changed. There are many things that can not be won. Today, ten people who are not paying attention to ordinary people first speak with the kings.

Oowb-hmxrkzx1933161.jpg1, the heart: ordinary people do not understand good and evil, do not fear cause and effect, never admit that they have had, but how to change? But Gushengxian is not. Here are a few examples: Confucius Day: "Fifty to learn easy, you can do nothing more than. "Another day:" Wen Yi can not relocate, not good can not change, is my worry. "Yan Boyu was the sage at that time, and he made people in Confucius. Confucius sat with him and asked him: "Master Hewei? "On the other hand:" Master wants to be widowed and fails. "Shengxianshang is so open-minded, I can pay high satisfaction!
2, cautious independence: We and others have done something, starting to think of the heart, Buddha Bodhisattva and even the ghosts and gods, etc., all know everything. If you think about it from time to time, you dare not do anything wrong. Zeng Zixuan: "The ten eyes are seen, and the ten hands refer to it. It is strict! "Also quoted as the poem cloud:" Trembling, such as the abyss, such as thin ice. "This number is often remembered by those who do not remember.
3, generous: The creation is taboo, engraved. The sage does things, but it is broad and thick. There are many ancient trainings and this is not a detailed record.
4, lose: The ancients said: "I do not know how to be a gentleman, but look at everything is willing to lose. I don't know how to be a villain, but everything is cheap. In ancient times, there was a wise man on the deathbed, and the sons and daughters asked for training. The wise man said: "Without his words, I will only learn to suffer. "
Silence: This is the most important thing. Kongziyun: "The tongue is not good", but it is terrible! There are many ancient trainings and this is not a detailed record.
6, do not say people: The ancients said: "Always check yourself and do not have time to check others. "Kongziyiyun:" You are thick and responsible for people. "The above words, I often dare not forget.

QQ截图20190520153511.png7, Wenwen has already passed: Zi Xia: "The villain must also be written. "It is the most shameful thing for me to know that the text has been written.
8, do not cover oneself: If I have offended others, I must be greatly ashamed and afraid. To reveal Chenxie, before confession. Never take care of decent, silent, self-deception.
9, heard not to argue: The ancients said: "Why is it bad? <UNK>: No argument. "Another cloud:" If you eat a small loss, you will not suffer a big loss. "More than 30 years of repeated experience, I am convinced that this number is true.
10, do not hate: the most difficult to remove. Guxianyun: "For twenty years, one angry word has not been worn out. "But I must also do my best to treat it. Hua Yan Jing Yun: "Once you think about your heart, you can open a million barriers. "Don't be afraid!
Hiroichi Master Introduction:
Master Hong Yi, commonly known as Li Shutong, was a famous musician, art educator, calligrapher, and drama activist during the Republic of China. He was one of the pioneers of Chinese drama. After returning from studying in Japan, he successively served as a teacher and editor. Later, he was shaved as a monk, the name of the voice, the number of Hongyi, and the late evening old man. He was later honored as Master Hongyi. Master Hong Yi's contribution to Buddhism is mainly reflected in his research and promotion on the law of Buddhism. After the master became a monk, he was able to revitalize the law, go deep into the law, write books, practice and practice, and write the book "The Biqiurong" and the "Nanshan Law at Home" written in his later years. For the modern Buddhist law research masterpiece.