She's the seed of liberation.

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On January 13, 2019, the father was diagnosed with senile psychosis. The doctor recommended that he be hospitalized for some time, but did not say the exact time of discharge. This news is a bolt from the blue for me! Whenever I think of my father in the hospital who can't eat or sleep, I feel like a knife.
I went to the hospital every day to see my father just a few days, came back to tears, until once with the Taoist friends to discuss "eight flawless."
A Taoist friend said that people will see the animals will have pity and worry about their future. Animals themselves often do not know these. As long as the butcher knife is not placed on the neck, he always looks like he does not care. This is the sad life. Even if those who are treated as pets seem to enjoy life more than those who have, you say to it, "You can leave the sea of suffering with just one prayer of the Guanyin Heart now." It will not listen to it. It does not know what you are talking about. Can not read a word, even if it is about to freeze to death, can only bow and bear.
When I heard this, I suddenly thought of the sick people who lived in the hospital. They just encountered certain difficulties. They could not think for a moment and got mental illness. However, their ability to hear and hear was there. They could follow me to read the Guanyin Heart Charm or Amitabha. Thinking about it, suddenly I'm not so sad anymore. It turned out that, as kambu put it, what was needed was a new perspective.
The next day I bought a candy orange and took it to the hospital. At first I was still a little afraid, bold to hand my father next door to a friend of the patient, he was very surprised, I smiled at him, and then he smiled, so he said thank you, while the fruit.
And then I said to him, "No thanks, please follow me and say" Amitabha. " The patient looked at me with very strange eyes, and I said it again unswervingly: please say "Amitabha" to me. The sick friend no longer hesitated and responded to me: "Amitabha."
With the first "result", I have the courage to get up, room by room to distribute fruit. My father was a little worried about me, so he stayed with me and explained to the patient from time to time: She believes in Buddha. You read Amitabha and she gives you fruit.
Finally, the cold and strange ward suddenly became warm and echoed everywhere with the "Amitabha" Holy number. When I go to the hospital, I will bring a large bag of fruit, candy or biscuits. The sick people are happy to see me. Now I don't need to teach them to read "Amitabha Buddha". If I hand in fruit, They will actively respond to me "Amitabha." You see, this is the seed of liberation, isn't it?
Yi Yi Master Yun: "Only you can trust, keep steady, straight down to read, or night and night 100,000, or 50,000, 30,000, in order to decide not to lack the basis, this life, swear no change. If it is not possible to die, the Three Buddhas will be saying. Once you have to live, you will never turn back. Various methods, salty now. "